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She Painted Up Her Way / Janet's Big Dance Number / Half A Dozen Provocative Squats.

Söz - Müzik: Frank Zappa
Düzenleme: Hakan Tuna

She painted up her face
She sat before the mirror
She painted up her face
She drew the mirror nearer
Practicing, Practice, Practicing!

The stare! The stare!
The secret stare she would use
If a worthy victim should appear

Practtisissing, Practice, Practising!
(ohhhh wo ho wo ho)
Practtisissing, Practice, Practising!

The clock upon the wall
Has struck the midnight hour
She finishes her call
Her girlfriends in the shower

Practtisissing, Practice, Practising!

Half a dozen provocative squats
Out of the shower
She sqeezes her spots
Brushes her teeth
Shoots a deodorant spray up her twat
(It's getting her getting her hot)

She's just 24 and she can't get off
A sad but typical case yeah
Last dude to do her
Got in and got soft
She blew it
And laughed in his face, Yeah
Face, Yeah, Yeah.

Hakan Tuna - Vocal/Piano/Synths
Aziz Mehmet - Bass Guitar
Mark Claydon - Drums & Percussion

Recorded at Studio Zapcho - London (April-May 2021)
Engineered: Hakan Tuna & Mark Claydon Drums Takes
Mixed: Hakan Tuna with Dr Naz Mix assistant

Çıkış Tarihi / Release date: 22/09/2021